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Thailand packet order entry requirements:

1. The package information must be entered into the order system

2. Enter the order

    You can choose a single order entry or batch entry order, and then use the system print address label attached to the package;

3. Enter the information to fill in the request

    Item Description: Declaration of the name required to fill in the actual name and quantity (no detailed name, post office does not accept the query), gifts or samples prohibit the declaration;

    Declared value: it is recommended to declare the actual value of the goods in order to avoid fines and compensation disputes; 

Thai packet and other packets of the difference:
Thailand package overall service level is more stable, some regional price advantage is obvious, the specific can consult the clerk.

How do we operate the package:

We have daily flights from the Hong Kong port to Bangkok airport postal processing center, the user can choose Guangzhou delivery, Thailand Post received the highest priority flight to the destination after the flight.