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Cross border is now playing direct mail, but do you really understand it?

[Reuters] direct mail billion state power is always an important logistics channel of cross-border imports of electricity providers, online shopping bonded in the relevant policy is not clear at present, a lot of cross-border game player are more or less do direct mail layout. Even some people think that in the direct mail on the efforts, even if not big profits, at least not lose. So, do you really understand direct mail? How do you know how to choose more direct mail? Billion state power network with several big cross-border electricity exchange, to some experience they were finishing. At present, direct mail is mainly divided into three types: EMS direct mail, personal express mail and BC direct mail. One, the advantage of EMS direct mail EMS is speed relatively fast, also relatively stable. For cross-border electricity suppliers, the more critical point is that, in addition to spot checks, it is basically no tax. And the disadvantage of EMS is also obvious - the price is higher. co-founder Xu Sheng pointed out that the billion state power network, EMS is also divided into different types, such as Japan, South Korea, Singapore postal postal postal etc.. "Different regions of the EMS have their own policies, such as some logistics service providers will send goods to Hongkong or Taiwan post, and then use the relevant policies on both sides to get some concessions." The main platform for EMS direct mail: Amazon, Tmall, part of the business world ocean pier section two, individual buyers express express personal principle is the overseas individual to domestic individual, for their own use items, these items do not need to record, are not subject to the constraints of the positive list, this is the most important person express the characteristics of. European speed through the joint founder Li Wei said: "as a cross-border electricity supplier, tens of thousands of SKU need to record, this is a great workload.". Personal express can save you a lot of trouble." But the personal express tax rate is very high, according to the types of goods were 15%, 30% and 60%, three tax rate, although there are 50 yuan of the amount of exemption, but in general, still higher than the cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive tax. In addition, the personal express customs clearance is very unstable, it will greatly reduce the experience of consumers. Adopt personal express direct mail the main platform: because it is expensive, so no more than three, BC direct mail, BC direct mail, also known as bonded direct mail, is one of the main push of the country. It is relatively fast and stable, and legal compliance. But each order must be taxed and required to be filed and subject to a positive list. Xu Sheng said that for small and medium-sized platforms and sellers, the more headache point is that BC direct mail must be carried out with the customs system docking, logistics, payment and order comparison. The technical problems here have to be solved. "But BC direct mail at all ports, there are a number of professional companies to provide relevant docking services, such as rookie, Jingdong and so on. Their system has been docked with the customs, allowing the seller on the platform or small and medium-sized platforms to use BC direct mail directly. It also helps the country levy more import taxes, which is conducive to the development of the industry." The main platform for BC direct mail: Beihai Ocean Terminal Logistics, paramita