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Disastrous cross-border electricity business logistics, who will save?

Know little "cross-border electricity providers and sellers", or reduce the efficiency of cross-border logistics "push hands"

China's rapid development of cross-border electricity business, for all to see the results is to gather countless concerns. From the WeChat recently launched the "WeChat index" can be seen, the development trend of cross-border electricity business is growing and strong momentum. However, as a cross-border electrician essential cross-border logistics trends and cross-border electricity business is very different, and as a cross-border logistics "main force" one of the electricity business package, it is not even the entry Included in the WeChat index.

"The result of cross-border electricity and cross-border logistics trends is huge because of the combined effect of many factors, but the most important thing is that the industry's attention to cross-border logistics is not enough to understand the lack of." Relevant person in charge said.

It is understood that the current cross-border electric business sellers in the team is divided into two parts of the crowd: part of the previous Taobao, Jingdong and other domestic electricity business 80,90 after the seller, this part of the crowd inertia with the domestic " "Logistics standards require cross-border logistics, which is the majority of the crowd; of course, there are some from the traditional B2B foreign trade transformation of the seller, this part of the crowd have a certain understanding of international logistics. Cross-border electricity dealers to cross-border logistics awareness of the distortion, coupled with the current low-quality freight forwarding market, gave cross-border logistics services have brought serious impact, thereby reducing the quality of cross-border logistics services to cross-border Sellers bring a lot of trouble and loss.

"Industry giant baby" and "nanny"

Hugo found that the industry there are many such cases: "a seller to a cross-border logistics company manager to report, sent to the European package for half a month did not show the investment information. The manager said the goods have arrived at the goal After the delivery, the problem is not in the scope of the company's responsibility, but for the sake of customer relations to help the investigation, the results found that customers fill in the information only to a building and no specific to the building number. "Coincidentally, at a sharing meeting , A cross-border logistics company responsible person also shared such a case: "There is a Shenzhen electronic products sellers one day WeChat contact him, said a batch of goods sent to Europe was detained. Investigation found the seller sent live products All without CE safety certification mark, the European side will naturally not accept.

"Domestic electric business transformation of the seller, relatively speaking, do not understand some of the rules of international trade, the international logistics industry is very little known for such a crowd due to limited by" Taobao thinking ", many customers even the most basic cross-border logistics Mail process is not clear, the logistics awareness only stay in the domestic four-way awareness level. "The official said. On the other hand, the traditional foreign trade transformation of cross-border electrician sellers, although the traditional foreign trade knowledge and international logistics have a certain understanding, but the lack of cross-border electric business-related common sense, do not understand the rules of the platform, resulting in the goods were back.

The above case also exposed the common problems in the cross-border electricity business: the international logistics in all aspects of the problem who should deal with? Product failed to find logistics suppliers, the recipient address is not looking for suppliers, why should the tax suppliers to ask. Many times a lot of electricity dealers like an industry giant baby. And the supplier is their nanny. Too dependent on the logistics provider, can not distinguish between the boundaries of the service will often only detours. Some seemingly simple errors are often an important factor in low pay rates, high packet loss rates. Only to sort out the standard, to distinguish the responsibility to really improve efficiency.

Integrated electricity business green package, for cross-border sellers to solve the "logistics difficult" problem

CTM is the industry leader in a one-stop cross-border logistics service platform, combined with the current status of cross-border electricity business, the use of Internet tools to help sellers more efficient choice. According to Huatai market international relevant person in charge, for the current cross-border logistics market information chaos and the level of service varies greatly from the status quo, integration and standardize the platform for each channel, to help customers sort out the logistics standard specifications, the establishment of efficient after-sales service Process.

Recently, CTM added Thai Thai packet green service. Thai telepresence packet line is a kind of business express and traditional electric business package between the new channel model, the effect is faster than the traditional package, the price cheaper than the business Express, support a single in the end, there is information, compensation services. Help cross-border electrician sellers to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.