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20/5000 “Yīdài yīlù” xià, wùliú chéngwéi kuà jìng diàn shāng juéshèng guānjiàn "Along the way all the way", logistics has become the key to cross-border electricity business
"Along the way all the way", logistics has become the key to cross-border electricity business

Traditional logistics to B2B-based, cross-border electricity dealers selling logistics needs more stringent, the traditional logistics simply can not meet their needs. In the course of "carrying the way" in the process, to deal with different countries and regions, the risk of changes in export policy, small and medium enterprises sellers or the lack of a unified, simple logistics solutions, cross-border links are very complex, cross-border transport uncertainty

April 10, Alibaba help China's brand globalization press conference, the University of International Business and Professor, International Business Research Center Director Mr. Wang Jian, with "China's brand and cross-border electricity business practice 'all the way' Opened a spectacular round table. The meeting fully affirmed the "area along the way" on the cross-border electric business to open up overseas markets important significance, but also expressed the cross-border electricity business practice "along the way" development process, boost foreign trade economic development in the future look forward to.

The face of cross-border electricity industry in the uneven logistics short board, the seller how to adapt and solve the challenges brought about by the logistics, and then realize the true sense of cross-border electricity business on the "all the way" substantive practice?

With the "one way along the way" to deepen the globalization

Professor Zhao Lei, the sponsor of the International Strategy Research Institute of the CPC Central Committee Party School, said: "'All the way' is called five - way construction, policy communication, facilities connectivity, trade flow, capital integration and popular communication.

The relative lack of self-development of the seller can use the "one way" infrastructure interoperability, interconnection, to achieve the priority areas of enterprise development, set up logistics, port infrastructure and trade closely. In addition, in order to effectively cope with the strong demand for the development of cross-border electricity in the region, on the basis of perfect facilities, enterprises need to solve the problem of single product, product quality and brand building, and then talk about the globalization of enterprises layout.

"The Chinese people pay great attention to the 'all the way' Silk Road, because pay attention to the text to get through the business pulse, there are many machines, data can not be replaced, the future direction of development, is the context, the combination of business pulse. In the market liquidity and convenience on the basis of full localization, branding, weakening and even solve the cross-border electricity industry, short-term pain is the core of the key to achieving business globalization.

How to select and optimize the key logistics core structure?

A real service in the cross-border electricity business logistics network is able to let the goods from the line to the line, the activation of different countries between the circulation of goods, and logistics selection is also the construction of globalization aspect content. Compared to traditional logistics, modern logistics can be tracked and high efficiency is a great convenience to cross-border electricity to the delivery of goods, so that logistics manipulation more convenient.

Such as rookie worry-free logistics on the collection of time and worry-free after-sales advantage, a key to worry-free logistics can be set to complete the freight template, part of the city free home Lan received. Logistics disputes without seller response, directly from the platform access, verify the logistics status and accountability, logistics causes the dispute refund, borne by the platform.

Logistics efficiency is greatly enhanced behind the wisdom and synergies continue to work hard, through the construction of intelligent data platform to enable the efficiency of logistics nodes, making cross-border logistics links to achieve end-to-end seamless docking. The trackable logistics system ensures that the delivery process of the seller's logistics is transparent and controllable. The seller can also cooperate with the high-quality logistics service providers to optimize the logistics and distribution services, enhance the user experience and strengthen the brand's global positioning.

Integration of cross-border logistics Lanhuo, transit collection of goods, international transport, customs clearance and distribution and other multi-segment operation, to achieve cross-border electricity business global logistics, global supply chain upgrades, shaping cross-border electricity business in the "one way" national policy Substantial logistics changes, the real sense of the seller to achieve good goods through the world!