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Chongqing private enterprises to participate in the "The Belt and Road construction of ASEAN cross-border electricity supplier" cake snatch"

The construction of inland open in Chongqing, cross-border business is becoming one of its "name card" industry.

"Daily economic news" reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, the current cross-border electricity supplier in Chongqing recorded 500 enterprises, compared to 2014 turnover, in 2016 this data has soared nearly a thousand times.

It is worth noting that, with the previous cross-border electricity supplier will be the main market in Europe, North America compared to the current ASEAN market is being gradually incorporated. "We are in talks with the Lao government, and we hope to establish a cross-border e-commerce platform for Laos and the entire ASEAN market." Chongqing Xing Fu technology development company chairman Zhou Ying said.

Want to build cross-border e-commerce platform ASEAN

Chongqing Coast district government, a person who declined to be named, in an interview with the "daily economic news" reporter lamented: "Chongqing is creating a miracle."!" The person said "miracle" refers to the city to develop cross-border electricity supplier industry.

The numbers tell everything. The total turnover of the industry from 2014 to the 2015 level of one billion, and then to 15 billion 50 million yuan in 2016, nearly 1000 times.

Blowout growth also attracted more participants. Recently, Chongqing, a local private enterprises with Laos Namtha Province signed a cooperation agreement for the cross-border electricity supplier cake food".

"Before we say that the cross-border electricity supplier, the main face of the market in Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea and other places, the development of cross-border electricity supplier Chongqing to a certain extent is mainly based on the Chongqing New Europe railway, now with the Lao government cooperation is focused on the ASEAN area." Zhou Ying expresses.

It is understood that Chongqing is China's only cross-border electricity supplier services, four modes of full-service pilot cities. The director of the Institute of Chongqing Institute of Social Studie regional economic research Li Yong believes that most China cross-border business enterprise by air and sea, rarely used in railway transportation, Chongqing New Europe is Chongqing based on Storage Trunk Distribution of a representative model of innovation.

"Laos has a special geographical location, especially the province is located in the South Chinese leading to ASEAN hub, the scope of consumption in radiation, through the process of trade facilitation, this form of e-commerce is more appropriate." The provincial government said South laos.

Zhou Ying said that the provincial government signed an agreement with the South Laos, will build a platform for cross-border electricity supplier for the ASEAN market, this is also the Chongqing to build the first ASEAN cross-border business platform. "We will introduce the superior agricultural products from Laos into the domestic market, and will also export domestic advantageous products to Laos and the ASEAN market".

"Chongqing" in The Belt and Road 'and the Yangtze River economic belt connecting points, with aviation, railway and water port three in one hub port advantages, it can be said that compared with the coastal city mature business environment, the cross-border electricity supplier in Chongqing has deep mining potential, to add to the ASEAN market platform can form better." Above Chongqing Nan'an District government sources said.

Private participation in the construction of "The Belt and Road"

"As a private enterprise, our first consideration is to be profitable.". After considering the market, policy, risk, and Laos in the 'The Belt and Road' important geographical location, this is an opportunity." Zhou Ying says.

In fact, with the "The Belt and Road" strategy is to advance, the existence of a large number of private enterprises have similar ideas.

Public data shows, in March this year, the National Association of industry and Commerce held private enterprises to participate in the "video conference building Belt and Road Initiative, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the National Federation Chairman Wang Qinmin at the meeting pointed out that private enterprises have become an important force in the" The Belt and Road "construction, the emergence of a large number of global focus, the implementation of international strategy the outstanding private enterprise and capital operation.

The Ministry of Commerce recently released data show, "The Belt and Road along the country has increasingly become a hot spot for investment enterprises China foreign investors: 1~4 months of this year, a total of 45 countries on the" China Belt and Road Initiative along of non-financial direct investment, to achieve a total investment of $3 billion 980 million, accounting for 15.1% of the total foreign investment over the same period accounting for the same period last year, an increase of 6.9 percentage points. China has become the largest source of foreign investment in Laos, Kampuchea, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce official told the "daily economic news" reporter said, enterprises "going out", on the surface is the outflow of capital, effective allocation and integration of essence is enterprise resources in the global scope, enhance and improve the competitiveness and growth, the management system for the enterprises. Once the overseas investment is effective, it can continue to invest in the country and form a two-way flow of capital and a win-win situation.