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Thailand Post 4.0 Wade started off e-Biz Expo 2017 "with the post.. With a" match online traders.

Thailand Post 4.0 Wade started off e-Biz Expo 2017 "with the post.. With a" match online traders.

Thailand continues to fully address the policy response Thailand 4.0 marshal public - private in the e-Biz Expo Asia 2017 held the potential "Prompt Post" respond to every submission. This way you do not have to wait long legs a little extra! Eligible for FREE Super bunk for pre-registration and the event. 

Silencing her honor fair Phiboon President of Thailand Post Company Limited (PO's), today announced the availability of e-Biz Expo Asia 2017 exhibitors between 15-17 mm. A. This year at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center that. Its mission is to provide transportation services for entrepreneurs, e-Commerce in both minor and major. Recently developed a service delivery via apps "Prompt Post" to facilitate the delivery service through the mail quickly and easily. With addressed with bar codes Special counters without waiting Automatic Delivery Status Notification (Push Notification Tracking) and send along with the package size 4 budget. 

"With the post is meant to service delivery for online commerce in general. In order to be convenient and cost more to send items through the mail. Initially available starting at 47 post offices in Bangkok and surrounding provinces before expanding services to all provinces by the end of this year "for major vendors to deliver products to customers more money. Thailand Postal Service D-Packet that needs to stop. Since the system was addressed with bar codes Deposit service delivery points Drop off without waiting to check delivery status all at once. Service charge to its destination and notify the recipient in advance. 

"With a network of over 1,400 post offices across the country to reach every household. Thailand Post responded with an e-commerce business at all levels, both B2C and C2C also extended hours on days of mail in urban areas. the economy And ZIP province until 20:00. For online entrepreneurs have the time to manage the order of the day can be streamlined even further. "

Thailand Post booth at the event e-Biz Expo Asia 2017 include zones including Zone 3S Smart Deal. 

Consultancy transportation needs perfectly Zone Resources Self Service ZIP Thailand's new services. I know it's easy With so many fun activities and a privileged zone Special Member FREE Thailand for registered Prompt Post delivery. 

extra! Registration the day before between 12-14 mm.. This first 500 get free coupons for free delivery service throughout Thailand THB 200 with the service delivery sizes S 2 free boxes of the registration at the event and receive a free coupon states.