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Thailand Post launches AMP automatic postal air services. With the 24-hour tourist facilities. Navigation airport


Thailand Post launches AMP automatic postal air services. With the 24-hour tourist facilities. Navigation airport

Bangkok, May 11, 2560 - Thailand Post Co. (PO) launched the latest innovations. Aviation and postal automation (automatic postal machine: APM), to facilitate the tourists who travel through the airport. And some things can not get on the plane. Including service users during peak hours. The service provides goods both at home and abroad. Monthly fee pilot Suvarnabhumi International Airport installed the first 2:00, before the international departure (swamp), East Coast (Zone 2) and row DMTB end of the fourth floor of the East provides residents and visitors. From now 24 hours.

Silence her honor fair Phiboon Post Co., Ltd, President of Thailand (PO's), said the service is now more diverse user needs. You want a quick delivery. Postal Service, and can be easily accessed. With interest rates so low, postal Thailand has been to develop a system to provide a fully integrated ready. In order to continue to adapt to the digital age needs of the user. The policy response by the Thai government 4.0 Thailand has recently launched the postal service, postal automation (automatic postal machine: APM), and save the domestic and international business and postal and boarding submitted, this is an innovative article. User Thailand Postal Service has developed a number of tourists who travel through the airport. And there are things that can not participate in flight. Or send the project did not line up at the counter address during peak hours.

She added that silence is also very simple for the user's voice dispatch services in the postal fly Postal Service Automation (APM) services. Only weighs less than 500 grams, select the target, and contribute over things. The phone may have the standard "postal industry fly" directed at the corner of the envelope buffer C4 envelopes. Ready to paste printed on the envelope, stamp day. Then the sealed container cargo from the machine. Seal sticker, stamp Imprint Finish. And put the envelope into the deposit slot.

However, the second phase of implementation, the user must enter the ID. Or passport number to verify the identity of the sender. Confirmation items is not transmitted through the mail, such as sharp objects, with or without air cover, to prevent the biological object, gas and other flammable materials and other explosives, contraband will be sent if found. Aircraft as postal security measures and Airports of Thailand refused. If found guilty of Thailand at check-in to resolve the proceedings. 

Through this service users can deliver goods to domestic and international destinations worldwide. By depositing destinations in Thailand after sending express mail delivery service (EMS) service charges 50 baht per tablet international Air China will pay service delivered by registered post. International prices are organized by region or continent, including Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania fee is 400 baht. Zone Americas and costs 450 Thai baht installed by the Postal Service ZIP code autopilot in Bangkok airport for the first 2:00, in front of the International Departures (TM). 

East Coast (Zone 2) and D MTB ending row, 4th Floor East, so that people can access more convenient services.

Aviation and postal automation (APM) is one of Thailand Post's digital postal system overhead Thailand. This "5D and 2S" under the commitment to innovation and continuous service management, including digital products and services, development of products and services for the digital operation of the digital era will be the operating system upgrade to digital systems, digital infrastructure. Database development of technology and digital communications equipment and digital communication systems development experience and digital thinking people cope with the development of digital digital digital services focus point of contact to impress users, and social responsibility. Continue in Social Responsibility Award, she said.