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Postcode / CTMQM1 (Service Attributes: International Mail)

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Introduction and History

     Air mail of Thailand post is referred to as CTM. China Thai Marketing Company Limited . is a partner for Thailand Post, responsible for the whole services of parcel marketing, parcel sorting and parcel transfer. CTM is designed as a commercial post logistics product for the Chinese trans-boundary E-commerce and has turned into a trans-boundary air mail service which is efficient, stable and easily released in customs clearance, highly praised in the trans-border E-commerce market since it was officially put into service in October 2016.

Product Process


Product Restriction

     Articles that are forbidden to transport by the aviation and postal service such as battery, power bank, complete battery, magnet, liquid, sulfuric acid, nail color remover, nail polish, perfume, lighter, cutters, guns, weapon accessories and drugs, are not allowed.

Notice Details

Weighing mode: pricing as per the actual weight

Weight limit: 0-2 KG

Volume limit: Square: Length + Width + Height is not more than 90 cm, the maximum length is not more than 60 CM

                          Cylindrical: diameter*2 + Length ≤ 104 cm,the length of single edge ≤90cm

Track inquiry:Official website of CTM

Customs: When passing through the customs, tariff or fees of customs clearance will not be collected. However, import tariff may be generated when imported from the destination country. The customs pass will vary according to different laws on customs tax of each country.

Insurance claims:

1)Insured parcels

     Collection and compensation will be carried out for the insured parcels according to the provisions of insurance service.

2)Non-insured parcels:    

If the parcels are lost during the delivery, compensation services will not be provided.

     Notes: CTM shall not assume any responsibility for the loss and delay due to the irresistible causes such as, customs check,weather

Articles forbidden and limited

1)Dangerous goods, chemicals, flammables and explosives, radioactive matters, perishable organics, and other articles forbidden or limited by the Postal Law.

2)Drugs, anesthetics, psychotropic substances.

3)Weapons, cutters, daggers and other sharp articles.

4Living animals or parasites and articles forbidden or limited by the Postal Law.

5)Parcels with words on the package containing the content violating the moral ethics and public order.

6)Import, export, distribute, circulate use and own the parcels in an illegal way.

7)Parcels that may threaten others or damage other parcels and equipment owned by the Thailand Post or the third party owing to its shape, nature and package way.

8)Bearer securities, replica, battery.